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Sure, you can still run a successful business with a lousy domain name, but your business will always do better with a good domain name. The internet is like a city center – you can either have a main street address, or a nothing special address.

A domain name is not just something you type in a keyboard – it’s your brand, written on your letterhead, business cards, advertising, maybe also on your company vehicles, promotional give-aways, everything these days. Your domain name is also the primary basis of your email address, especially every time you have to give it to someone over the phone or online.
Furthermore, a new very exciting technological development now means that your domain name can also serve as your phone number, for the very simple reason that it’s much easier and more intuitive to remember a domain name than a telephone number.

Not only typed or written, an extremely long or complicated domain name makes it harder for people to type in and to share through word of mouth or over the phone.

A short domain name on the other hand aids for a memorable identity by providing a powerful tool for marketing and brand building. Examples of created brand names which fit into this category: eBay, uBid, xBox, iPod, Digg, Hulu, Bebo, Tivo, and Bing.

The fact that they’re short makes them easy to remember. The longer the domain name, the more prone it is to typing errors. This is even truer if your full company or organization name is complicated to spell.


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